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Workplace relationships: the inside scoop
Chism, Marlene. [S.l.]: Lash & Associates , 2013. (Audio)
Call No.
HF 5549.5 C542 2013
RIH Library
M:\Library Services\Workplace Relationships
Chism, Marlene
Lash & Associates
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1 CD (54 min.)
Staff Development
Interprofessional Relations
What causes absenteeism, low morale, office gossip and back-stabbing? What can a leader do to get better results and increased engagement? What do employees say would increase productivity and why does the workplace bully keep getting "away with it" right under the bosses nose? Would a more positive work environment increase profits and improve customer service? What if you could get into the mind of your employees to hear how they think? What if you knew exactly how to influence them, how to motivate them and how to perceive fairness? Are you a good boss or a bad boss? What do your employees know about you that you do not know? This presenter will even read excerpts from employees who shared their secret thoughts through surveys and interviews. This content-rich audio presentation is jam-packed of useful information to help you increase productivity and identify the red flags of workplace "Drama" that keeps you from fulfilling your purpose and mission.
What employees say would increase productivity
Employees' secret wish about their bosses
Three biggest stressors for employees
Top two things bosses can do to inspire their staff
Examples of bad boss behavior
Five things a boss should never say to an employee
Inside view of two employee's perceptions
Why employees quit
The key drivers of productivity Plus Practical Tips and Tools
Four words you can use to stop the complaining (but still show you are listening)
A question to use to gain cooperation
In addition, you will receive a snapshot of the DRAMA Triangle, and you will see how this tool applies to workplace relationships.
CD also includes PowerPoint presentation slides in pdf file.
Audio available to all staff at: M:\Library Services\Workplace Relationships
Accompanying PDF available at:
M:\Library Services\Workplace Relationships
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Call No.
HF 5549.5 C542 2013
RIH Library
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21 days
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