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Rural mental health: issues, policies, and best practices
Smalley, K. Bryant, ed, Warren, Jacob C., ed, Rainer, Jackson P., ed. New York NY: Springer , 2012. (Book)
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WA 390 R948 2012
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Smalley, K. Bryant, ed
Warren, Jacob C., ed
Rainer, Jackson P., ed
New York NY
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xiv, 368 p. ; pbk.
Rural Health Services
Mental Health Services
Mental Health
Rural Health
Health Policy
The current state of rural mental health / K. Bryant Smalley and Jacob C. Warren -- Advancing federal policies in rural mental health / Patrick H. DeLeon, Mary Beth Kenkel, and Diana V. Shaw -- Rurality as a diversity issue / K. Bryant Smalley and Jacob C. Warren -- The impact of mental health stigma on clients from rural settings / Jonathon E. Larson, Patrick W. Corrigan, and Thomas P. Cothran -- Loneliness and isolation in rural areas / Jackson P. Rainer and Johnathan C. Martin -- Religion and rural mental health / Jamie Aten ... [et al.] -- Ethical and professional challenges of mental healthcare delivery in rural communities (or 'a day in the life of a small town psychotherapist') / James L. Werth -- Rural mental health practitioners : their own mental health needs / David S. Hargrove and Lisa Curtin -- Integrated care in rural areas / David Lambert and John Gale -- Technological innovations in rural mental health service delivery / Sarah E. Velasquez, Angela Banitt Duncan, and Eve-Lynn Nelson -- School- and home-based interventions in rural communities / Angela M. Waguespack, Carmen Broussard, and Kristin Guilfou -- Substance use and abuse in rural America / Jennifer D. Lenardson ... [et al.] -- Suicide in rural areas: risk factors and prevention / Courtney Cantrell, Sarah Valley-Gray, and Ralph E. Cash -- Providing mental health services for racial, ethnic, and sexual orientation minority groups in rural areas / Ishan Williams ... [et al.] -- Providing mental health services for women in rural areas / Frieda Farfour Brown, Shannon P. Warden, and Amanda Brown Kotis -- Providing mental health services for men in rural areas / Don Gorman, Robert Eley, and Delwar Hossain -- Mental health services for children, adolescents, and families in rural areas / Heidi Liss Radunovich and Brenda A. Wiens -- Providing mental health services for older adults and caregivers in rural areas / Martha R. Crowther ... [et al.] -- Providing mental health services for rural veterans / John Paul Jameson and Lisa Curtin -- Working in frontier communities / Jaedon P. Avey ... [et al.] -- Rural mental health : future directions and recommendations / K. Bryant Smalley and Jacob C. Warren.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Call No.
WA 390 R948 2012
KGH Library
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21 days
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