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Achieving excellence in vascular access: 21st annual AVA conference|September 7-10, 2007 Phoenix, Arizona
Association for Vascular Access. Phoenix AZ: , 2007. (Kit, CD-ROM)
Call No.
WB 354 A178 2007
RIH Library
Corporate Author
Association for Vascular Access
Phoenix AZ
Pub Date
Physical Description
5 CD-ROM ; includes 25 powerpoint presentations ; no pagination (loose-leaf)
Conference proceedings
Association for Vascular Access
VAR1a-VAR1b - Crew Resource Management - Lessons from the Flight Deck
VAR02 - Central Venous Catheters - Clots Not Infection May be the Problem
VAR04 - Topical Antiseptics - Separating Fact from Fiction in Catheter Antiseptics
VAR05 - Aquiring IV Skills
VAR06 - Understanding Ultrasound for Guiding PICCs
VAR07 - Catheter Apheresis
VAR07 - Catheter Apheresis Powerpoint
VAR09 - Jugular Lines Procedures
VAR12 - Improving Skill Levels in the Art of Pediatric IV Insertions
VAR13 - No! I'm Not Pulling that PICC Back
VAR14 - Catheter Tip Position
VAR15 - Expanding the Role of PICCs
VAR25 - End of Blind Sticking
VAR26 - New Evidence for the Prevention of CRBSI
VAR27 - Superior Vena Cava Syndrome
VAR28 - Pressure and Flow Rate Ratings in PICCs
VAR29 - Vein Identification
VAR30 - Catheter Stabalization Devices
VAR31 - Extravascular Applications for Vascular Access Devices
VAR32 - It's Just Contrast
VAR33 - Polyurethanes in Vascular Access
VAR35 - Accreditation and Standards Improvement
VAR36 - Disinfection of Needleless Pieces
VAR37 - Approach to Difficult Vascular Access Pt.
VAR38 - Trends for Future Vascular Access
Call No.
WB 354 A178 2007
RIH Library
Loan Policy
21 days
Less detail