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The spirit has no colour : changing police/aboriginal relationships
Police Academy, Justice Institute of British Columbia, Orca Productions, 42nd Street Consulting. Vancouver BC: Orca Productions | 42nd Street Consulting , 2013. (DVD)
Call No.
WA 300 S759 2013
RIH Library
Corporate Author
Police Academy
Justice Institute of British Columbia
Orca Productions
42nd Street Consulting
Vancouver BC
Orca Productions
42nd Street Consulting
Pub Date
Physical Description
1 DVD (44 min.)
Aboriginal peoples
Indigenous Peoples
First Nations
Social Environment
Cross-Cultural Comparison
Cultural Competency
Law Enforcement
Continental Population Groups
Aboriginal Health Collection
"A training film for B.C.'s municipal police recruits on the relationship between police and Aboriginal peoples. The intention of the film is to provide a first step training for recruits on: the history of Aboriginal peoples (First Nations, Inuit and Me´tis peoples), particularly in B.C. ; the role of police in the enforcement of laws of Canada that today are deemed to have been damaging to the Aboriginal peoples [...] ; the experience of the Aboriginal peoples through that lens, showing what police will see on the streets and in the communities today, both the powerfully positive and the profoundly negative ; the consequence of generations of children being taken from families and entered into the residential schools of this country [...] ; and finally, connecting issues of drug and alcohol abuse, family disintegration and loss of identity to the sexual, psychological, physical and other abuses common in the schools." (container)
Directed by Nicholas Kendall, Keet Neville ; produced by Nicholas Kendall, Norma-Jean McLaren ; co-produced by Axel Hovbrender ; concept, research & interviews, Norma-Jean McClaren ; cinematography, Nicholas Kendall ; editor, Sidney Chiu.
Interviewees, Kerry MacKenzie, Bob Joseph Jr., Chief Justin Sky George, Sherry Small, Jerry Adams, Gerry Oleman, Lois Loyer, Darrell Dennis, Sheryl Armstrong, Dave Dixon, Rick Lavallee, Kiel MacDonald, Susan Tatoosh, Mike Dangeli, Leonard George.
Call No.
WA 300 S759 2013
RIH Library
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21 days
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